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Using eStudent

All students must use eStudent to enrol in subjects update personal information and obtain results. Students should also use eStudent to check the accuracy of subject enrolments as no changes will be permitted after the census date.

Instructions for First Time Users

You need to choose the subjects you want to study. Each faculty has provided recommended study programs that indicates the subjects that are available each semester.

Once you select your subjects, you will need to “register” into classes and get your timetable. To avoid clashes or select suitable times, first go to the University Timetable.

Once you have made your selections, follow the steps below.

If you are an Australian student and you want to access FEE-HELP, you will need to have your tax file number handy.

Step 1 – Log in to eStudent

Log in using the Student Identification (SID) number which you’ll find on your Letter of Offer and your password which is your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY (e.g. if you were born on 21 June, 1980, your password would be 21061980)

If you have been admitted to your program you should click on the ‘Bond Single Sign On’ link and log in using your Student ID and your Bond Student IT account password.

eStudent Support Image 1

Step 2 – Make sure your contact information is updated

It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are correct. To do this you need to:

  • Click on the ‘Details’ tab and then on the ‘Contact Details’ link

 eStudent Support Image 2

  • Check your address, phone, emergency contact and email details and update where necessary

eStudent Support Image 3

Step 3 – Lodge an application for FEE-HELP or SA-HELP

Note: FEE-HELP and SA-HELP is only available to Australian citizens

  • Enter an eCAF by clicking on the ‘FEE-HELP Form’ tab and entering a form for FEE_HELP and SA-HELP as required
  • Once you have submitted your form you must check the status of your application
  • If your form does not immediately have a status of ‘Approved’ you should monitor the status to check when it changes

Step 4 - Enrol

Click on the ‘Enrolments' tab

  • Confirm your Details: When you enrol for the first time, you will need to confirm the following details. Follow the links to confirm your
    • Citizenship Details
    • Cultural Details
    • Disability /Special Requirements Details
    • Parent/Guardian Education Details
  • Select your Program: If you have more than one program you will need to select it before you can enrol.

Note: to be able to enrol, your program needs to have a stage and status of ‘Admitted’

     eStudent Support Image 4 

  • Select/enrol in your subjects: You will be presented with a list of subjects needed for your program. Before enrolling, view the University Timetable to check subjects available for the coming semester.
    • Scroll to each subject you wish to enrol in. You may need to choose an availability if there is more than one.
    • Tick the ‘Enrol?’ box
    • Once you have finished, click on the ‘Enrol’ button at the bottom of the page
  • To enrol in an option or elective:
    • Click on the ‘Choose’ link to select the subject and save it to your Study plan first

      eStudent Support Image 7

Step 5 – Confirm your enrolment

Your chosen subjects will now have been added to your 'Potential Enrolment List'. To finalise your enrolment:

  • Click the 'Confirm Enrolment' button or
  • To undo or remove your selection, untick the subject/s and click on ‘Go Back/Change’

    eStudent Support Image 8

Step 6 - Register in classes using Student Allocator 

  • Go to mytimetable.bond.edu.au and log in using your Student ID and your Bond Student IT account password (NEW STUDENTS: please ensure you have activated your Bond Student IT account. To activate please visit: https://apps.bond.edu.au/student-accounts/)eStudent Support Image 9
  • A red flag indicates a subject with incomplete class registrations
  • To register:
    • individually select your classes by expanding ‘Show Classes’ and select a class which is available OR
    • select ‘Automatically allocate me a timetable’ to let the software select the classes for you
  • You will not be able to register into classes which are full or clash with any other class you are registered into
  • Save your selection

eStudent Support Image 10

Note: you will automatically be registered in all classes where there is no choice of class time

Step 7 – Print and check your timetable

  • Click ‘Print’ to print your timetable. Please note you will be unable to print until you have saved your latest changes.
  • Check your timetable again before classes commence for any changes to class times or locations

Need Further Assistance?

  • Please see the FAQ document in Student Allocator if you have any questions about the registration process
  • If you have any questions regarding your timetable click ‘Ask Your Advisor’ and send your program advisor a message
  • Need help logging in? Forgotten your password? Please contact IT Service Desk on 07 5595 4444 or itservicedesk@bond.edu.au
  • For other support, please contact class.notification@bond.edu.au

What do I do if I want to withdraw from a subject?

  • Withdrawing from a subject – important note: Penalties may apply when withdrawing from a subject.  You should check Subject Availability Dates before withdrawing to check cut-off dates and penalty information.

Need more information about how to enrol or further help?